Panni German Potato Products

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Spaetzle 9oz.
  • Spaetzle 9oz.
  • upc: 0-97831-00500-7
Traditional German-style noodle made from semolina and pasteurized fresh-cracked eggs. Panni Spaetzle has a hearty taste and tender texture. A perfect compliment to meat dishes when served with melted butter.
Bavarian Potato Dumplings 6.88oz.
  • Bavarian Potato Dumplings 6.88oz.
  • upc: 0-97831-00540-3
Bavarian-style potato dumplings with a smooth texture.
Bavarian Potato Pancakes 6.63oz.
  • Bavarian Potato Pancakes 6.63oz.
  • upc: 0-97831-00541-0
Bavarian-style potato pancakes with a smooth texture.
Shredded Potato Pancakes 5.88oz.
  • Shredded Potato Pancakes 5.88oz.
  • upc: 0-97831-00544-1
Potato pancakes with a coarse, shredded potato texture.
Shredded Potato Dumplings 7.9oz.
  • Shredded Potato Dumplings 7.9oz.
  • upc: 0-97831-01542-6
Potato dumplings with a coarse, shredded potato texture.