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Felix is the leading brand of lingonberries in the U.S. A Swedish berry with a flavor similar to cranberries, commonly found growing wild in the wooded areas of Scandinavia, this small red berry has a combination of sweet and tart flavors that makes it as unique as it is delicious. A perfect complement to a variety of dishes.

Since many Swedes are accustomed to picking their own wild berries, an extra high standard is required for jams to succeed in Sweden. At FELIX®, we select our ingredients with great care. Lingonberries are a small (and delicious!) Swedish berry with a unique combination of sweet and tart flavors, similar to cranberries. Maybe these are the reasons our lingonberry jam is number one in the US.

Try these recipes below for new ways to use the unique tart, sweet flavors of Felix Lingonberries in appetizers, desserts and dishes that will please your family and guests.

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